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by this storm. a lot of people had to spend the night and it is all because of the impact of super storm sandy. many are international travelers who had lay overs here in san francisco and some did not learn about this storm and their connecting flights being canceled until they arrived yesterday. >> i flew in yesterday from community to find out my flight to washington was canceled and so i stayed overnight at the marriott last night and i came in this morning. >> later this afternoon, later today we could see some east coast flights resume as the days go on and the storm moves and changes direction. airports in boston and new york will have to assess the damage. we will have to keep an eye on where the storm is headed. channel 2 news. >>> and sandy has blown the presidential campaign one week off traffic, just one week before election day. they are looking at the government response to the storm and mitt romney has also reworked hits campaign schedule. >>> we will have coverage from the super storm coming up in 15 minutes and we will have more on how we are helping millions power outages. >>
world series tab. >>> hurricane sandy continues to barrel toward the east coast this morning shutting down schools, pass transit and the financial markets. >> this storm is moving slowly and bringing high volumes of rain. essentially, this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. >> up to 50 million could be affected by the storm that become the largest to ever hit the united states. >>> here's a live picture from atlantic city in new jersey. forecasters say the center of the storm is expected to make landfall along the new jersey coast later today colliding with two other weather systems. that could create a super storm in and 800-mile area from the east coast to the great lakes. >>> the powerful weather system is causing nightmares for air travelers across the country. airlines have canceled thousands of flight and amtrak is suspending train service. dozens of flights to the east coast are canceled this morning at sfo. . >>> i never remember wul street shutting down but steve looked it up for me, it hasn't shut down since 1985 because of weather. >> wow. >> very big deal. we'll keep
president barack obama will travel to new jersey to survey the damage left behind by hurricane sandy. he canceled his campaign appearances for a third straight day. he visited the red cross headquarters and today he will tour with chris christie and he is one of the most prominent supporters and he has repeatedly praised president barack obama's response to sandy. >>> there are three events in the battle ground state of florida. he turned what happened as a campaign event into a storm relief effort. people were encouraged to bring relief supplies and mitt romney helped to bag them up for shipping. >>> and a jump in gas prices. at 44 temperature 5 we will -- 4:45 we will hear what they have to say now. >>> they approve a development plan that will force 150 people to look for new homes. it is home to people living on their boats or on rvs. tenants knew the property was for sale and there are other housing options for sale. >> there are 22 areas that have vacancy. >> they plan to develop 444 units on the site. residents will have to move by the end of the year but no timetable has been set
to be connected to the giants celebration. >>> it is clear the recovery from super storm sandy will take a long time. the death toll number and ins on sandy has taken as high as $55 million and president barack obama said new york was a top priority and promised help. amtrak plans to restore service and it is free to ride mass transit today. they are trying to get officials back running and most new jersey is skull shut down. environmentalists say the state may not want to rebuild because of more extreme weather but if they do build they should build behind more walls and 6 5,000 people are still in shelters. >>> a driver who hit two children in the crosswalk, the the accident happened while trick or treating. a 10-year-old and 40-year-old boy were taken to the hospital. it is unclear whether the driver will face charges. the meanwhile officials say a driver was killed after crashing a car on todd road last night. authorities have not said what caused that crash. >>> bart may have a solution for nasty problems. they are trying block wind rain and homeless people on escalators no word on when th
of the house john boehner. >>> there is heartbreak for a n family torn apart by sandy. the bodies of two young boys were found in the marsh. coming up the mother says no one answered about her calls for help. >>> well, today is the day many apple fans have been waiting for. delivery of the knew ipad mini. u.s. apple stores will deliver them to people who placed early orders. many placed last week. it's a little more expensive than many expected with a starting price of $329. >>ll ght looks like i might get one. >> i think everyone in my house wants one. >>> let's go see what the roads are like. sal, how does it look? >> on friday it always looks better. doesn't it? >> yeah. >> it does look a little better. it's doing pretty well as you drive around the bay area. it looks very nice. heading out to the mccarthur maze and continuing out to an uncrowded bay bridge toll plaza. trying to get into san francisco it looks pretty good. no major problems on the lower deck. on the upper deck is where most people go. this is northbound 280 right now traffic is moving along very nice. let's go to steve. >>>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5